The coolest JavaScript websites of 2013

Since our website was started, there’s been many great JavaScript related websites come and go.

We thought it would be nice to compile a list of the some of the best and coolest JavaScript website around today (I admit, most of these have been around for a while, but they are truly awesome).

Probably one of the easiest ways to test out code with minimum effort.
1. Pick a JS Framework or extension.
2. Pick the load event.
3. Give it a name and description (if you want)
4. Use JavaScript or CoffeeScript.
5. Enter your HTML
6. Enter your JavaScript/CoffeeScript
7. Enter your CSS
8. Run it, save it, test it, play with it.
9. Enjoy.


Visit JSFiddle and try it out.

JS Beautifier
Got some unformatted JavaScript code (or HTML)? use this free on-line service to make your code beautiful.
You can also get the source-code under MIT, or get an extension for your browser or IDE.

Simply paste your ugly code into the website, pick your preferred settings (indentation for example) and hit the button. Lovely code will soon appear.


Visit JSBeautifier and try it out.

JS Lint

Not sure if your JavaScript code is written well? need a second opinion? use JSLint. It’s a free on-line service where you paste in your code, pick from a bunch of settings and submit.
JSLint will go through your code, line by line, giving you an in-depth analysis of any potential problems.

It’s known as the “JavaScript code quality tool” for a good reason. It really can be very useful.


Visit JSLint and try it out.

Look out for the second instalment…