Ajax Toybox

Update: The website mentioned below is no longer live. I will keep the post active for historic purposes, but the links have been removed. You may be interested in some example ajax code posted over on funwithjustin. He has some nice simple examples which are available as demos on his site and also available for […]


JavaScript Cookies

JavaScript Cookies If like me you usually create your cookies using a server scripting language like PHP, you may find that using JavaScript for cookies is simple. Im going to show you how to create, edit, delete and read cookies using only JavaScript. Creating JavaScript Cookies: function createCookie(name, value, days) { if (days) { var […]


Simple Ajax Functions – Snippets

Basic Ajax Functions I’ve created a list of very common JavaScript functions for Ajax. They have been created in quick reference fashion and do not contain any fancy stuff. Instead of creating one function which can handle various tasks depending on passed values, they are split into seperate basic task functions. The reason for this […]


Ajax with PHP using responseXML

I’ll start off with a very basic technique of using Ajax with the responseXML (not responseText). responseXML basically means that the returned values is in an XML format. The other option would be to use responseText which in many cases would be the simplest method. But true Ajax uses XML (as the X in the […]


Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)

About the first ajax tutorial. Hopefully I’ll have the first tutorial up here within a few days. I’ll start at the absolute basics and work up from there. I strongly believe that to explain a new subject, I need to strip everything down to the basics and describe what each piece of code actually does. […]